Male to Female REAL Transsexual Time Lapse Transformation Higher Resolution

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TRANS COMMUNITY HERE: Part 1 ‘The Colours of the Rainbow’ (or ‘When Will My Reflection Show….’ ;) ) Yes, this is real; I presumed that to be self-evident. ;) During the ‘androgen deluge’ of weeks 6-16 of my mother’s pregnancy with me, I was not fully affected; ie my body changed to that of a male while my brain remained that of a female. Those wishing to learn more about this rather arduous phenomenon should consult not only Wikipedia and but also the quite ground-breaking Dutch* study located here: This video shows only the effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT); no surgery of any kind was involved. It covers a total of 234 days: October 29th, 2008 to June 17th, 2009 (the first frame is actually from August 20th, 2008, but its photo was taken before any hormones were). The first months of the transformation involved only the traditional HRT regimen, which utilizes testosterone-blockers such as spironolactone and finasteride, however starting January 29th I begun a vastly more efficient regimen involving Buserelin Acetate (which deals directly with the FSH to prevent testosterone production in the first place!). I wished to be absolutely natural in this presentation, and thus I at no time wear any make-up or employ any other embellishments save my ‘modesty stars’, which are prismatically colour-coded as follows: Red – Virtually no detectable breast development beyond that of a normal
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